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Our sister company in the Group “Find UK Property” helps overseas buyers find good low cost investment property in the UK. We are fully accredited and licensed members of the Association of Estate Agents and members of the Property Ombudsman Service.


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Best Deals

Studio £53.2 K

1-Bed £66.5K

Villa £399K


30 Month Pay Plan
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FREE Dubai Property Map

is essential for all who Buy Property in Dubai

  • Large Size 84cm X 30 cm

  • On 300gm thick card paper

  • All Property Areas by Type of Dubai Properties

  • Best Areas for Investment

  • Best Areas for Own Use

  • Areas Still Under Construction

  • Freehold and Leasehold Areas

  • Current Prices & Rental Yields

  • Dubai Property Price Trends



To get the Map, simply enquire about any of the properties (click any "GET INSTANT E-BROCHURE" link).


Low cost Dubai Investment Packages


Could DOUBLE your money within 5 years
Studio Package £53.2K
1-Bed Package £66.5K


These Dubai properties are already rented out and managed by us. As part of the package, rent is guaranteed for 2 years. The rent from the Dubai property is used to pay for part of the property – so you end up paying less over 2 to 3 years of the payment plan.

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Dubai Property Buying Service for complete Peace of Mind


This service from Openshore from just £99, allows you to purchase ANY Dubai Property for sale in Dubai from ANY Agent or ANY Seller in a "secure" manner with research, second opinions, practical help within Dubai, and independent advice from us.


The end result is that you end up getting a more suitable Dubai property for a lower price with complete Peace of Mind.


You are not limited and can buy any Dubai property for sale from any agent or reseller. We help you with all aspects of the buying process. The payment (from just £99) is only paid if you buy property in Dubai.


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Dubai Property Selling Service allows you to sell your ready Dubai property from the UK


Many customers who have purchased property in Dubai want to put their Dubai property for sale and sell it, without having to deal with property agents in Dubai or make visits to Dubai for the transfer processes. Openshore’s service allows them to put up their Dubai property for sale easily and sell their ready Dubai property at the market price in an easy and secure way.


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Openshore are the UK’s Leading Dubai Property Specialists


We are part of a large UK group of companies specializing in IT and Property Management. The Group owns the 26 acre business park (Time Technology Park) where we have our UK offices in Lancashire. In Dubai we manage Dubai properties on behalf of customers and run Dubai property portals and provide services to other estate agents. Openshore staff have been managing and selling properties in Dubai for over 8 years, with excellent long-term service.


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Dubai Property Prices Are Now Rising


The financial crisis of 2008 saw Dubai property prices fall by a massive 60%. From 2010 to 2012 Dubai property prices in most areas became stable and started to rise significantly from the beginning of 2013. Prices are expected to continue increasing over the next few years. As so much Dubai property was cancelled after 2008, there will be a shortage of property in Dubai over the next 3 to 5 years. Thus now is the best time to buy a suitable property in Dubai. See the Openshore Dubai Property for sale Index over the past 8 years during which we have been selling property in Dubai.


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Top Questions


Are Dubai Properties Freehold?
Do you get a Visa with Property Purchase?
Are Mortgages Available for non-residents?
What are the owner’s costs and service charges?
Which location are best for investment?
What is the buying process?


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Openshore sell to Buyers from all over the world


Although 40% of our customers are from the UK, we help buyers from all over the world purchase property in Dubai. The reason why many international investors use our services is because our group companies have offices both in the UK and Dubai. Buyers thus have double security:-


  • Buyers have the full process in Dubai for viewing the properties, help with transfer of title deeds at Dubai Lands department and management of the property after purchase – like any other Dubai property purchase.
  • In addition to this, for investment properties purchased from us, buyers have a legal agreement under UK law that covers the Payment Plan schedule, Guaranteed Rent, and secure client account services giving them additional security.


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We Help You Buy Dubai Property Securely


For the best buy investment properties, we control all aspects of the purchase process directly and are fully accountable for it. We acquire suitable properties, rent them out and then sell them to investors in a secure manner; and continue to manage them on their behalf. When buyers purchase an investment property directly from us, it will already be rented out so that they start getting the rental income immediately. We will ensure that property title is transferred to the buyer at Dubai Land department and ownership documents are given to the buyer as part of our service. For "own use" properties, we can offer advice and guidance and refer to local companies specializing and best suited to deal with the type of property the buyer may be looking for.


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Advice Hotline 01282 882017 (10am to 7pm Mon-Fri)

International Callers Call UK +44 1282 882017

Openshore Dubai Property Current Market

Most of the questions and Answers relate to the 'Best Buy' Investment Properties.

Q-Are these investment properties Freehold or Leasehold

These properties are all FREEHOLD.

Q-Can I purchase in the city centre ('Bur Dubai' or Deira)?

NO - Properties in the city centre are leasehold with shorter leases and normally only the local Emirati can purchase the freehold title.

Q-Does purchase of a property give me permanent residency in Dubai?

NO. But you can get a renewable 6 month visit visa that can allow you and your dependents to stay in Dubai. This can be renewed every 6 months. This does NOT allow you to work or start a business - only allows you to stay in Dubai. You cannot get permanent residence or citizenship by purchasing any property.

Q-Can I get a Mortgage?

NO- Mortgages are only available to people who have been resident in Dubai for at least 6 months and have a Dubai salary going into a Dubai bank. Then they can get a mortgage of up to 50% of value (previously 70%) over 15 years at about 6% interest rate. All of our customers do not qualify as they are overseas investors.

Q-Can I get a longer payment plan

No. These are ready properties. You have to pay 10% plus sales fee after signing contract, 65% after 1 to 2 months and remaining 25% can be paid by the rent.

Q-Can you give guaranteed rent for more than 2 years?

We limit this to 2 years but we expect actual rents to be even higher after this period as the rents are following the increase in the property prices and are rising too.

Q-Can any nationality purchase property in Dubai?

Yes - Any nationality can purchase property in Dubai.

Q-Can you continue to manage after the first 2 years?

Yes-over 90% of owners ask us to continue to manage on their behalf - but you are not tied to us. You can use any other agent or manage yourself. We normally pay rental income to owners bank accounts every 3 months. This can be paid in Dubai, UK or your own country.

Q- What is location of properties?

Exact location is on page 1 of the Dubai Property Map, South of Airport, between University and Airport, near to Dragon Mart Mall. There are over 200 low rise buildings in this area (all built by Nakheel) and we are managing over 350 such apartments with over 20 new sales every month. Buildings are 4 - 5 years old and area is established with good transport links to city centre.

Q-When do you transfer title deeds?

In most cases these can be transferred after 2nd payment (after 75% paid) but you have to agree not to re-sell until property is fully paid for. The risk for us is low as we know the rent will be collected. You can obviously resell via us at any time and we will take the balance into account. You can also pay off the balance early if you wish and get an early payment discount.

Q-Must the Buyer be present for NOC Documents and Transfer

The buyer does not need to be present and can be represented by us using a POA document for purchase. This is normally what happens unless the buyer is already resident in Dubai and wishes to attend for these. The POA document for purchase can be signed in the UK or at the Notary Office in Dubai. One of our staff can assist with this process. We use the POA document to obtain NOC and then arrange for transfer of investment properties from us to the Buyer.

Q-How can I view properties?

Our Dubai staff can show you the property but you have to follow our procedure and need to provide ID details before visiting Dubai. For investment properties about a third of our customers view prior to purchase; a third pay 10% to secure price and then view prior to second (large payment); and about a third view when they next visit or pass through Dubai. For 'Own Use' properties, we insist on all customers viewing before even paying 10%.

Q-What are costs of purchase?

4% transfer fee to Dubai Government for title deeds (plus AED 4,000 fixed fee since August 2013). 2% sales fee. These are the only extra one-off purchase costs.

Q- Can you get Cheaper Properties?

Yes - In this area we can acquire slightly lower cost properties (Category "B"). But the rents on these are much lower. As the service charges and other costs are fixed, this means the net rental yields are even lower. For this reason, we acquire only the better properties with higher rental yields - Category "A" (as we have to guarantee the rents). This is also best for investors. We review every property that goes on sale and only acquire the ones with higher rental yields and high capital growth prospects.

Q-Are these properties good for holiday own use?

No- These are NOT on the seaside and do not include holiday facilities (swimming pools, gyms etc). This keeps service charges - low, thus giving you more net rent. They are most suited to investment. Most owners keep the properties rented out all of the time and keep the rental income in Dubai. They then use some of the rental income for their holidays and rent something suitable e.g. 2-bedroom on seaside for family use for 2 weeks. This works out better than trying to use your own property.

Q-What are running costs?

The only significant costs are service charges. There is no management charge in the first year. After first year we charge 10% of rent for full management including minor repairs etc. Our aim is always to achieve the highest rent. The estimated costs are shown in the 5 year summary in the "Best Buy Investment Deals" page. With realistic estimates, we expect your investment to more than double within 5 years.

Q-I am emigrating to Dubai now and need a property for own use. What do you recommend?

We would recommend properties in third party market in Marina, JLT or near Burj . These are more expensive (About 2 to 3 times the price) but are more suited to own use and have many leisure facilities. The downside is that everything in these areas is expensive and living cost are high. We do not offer rental guarantees on such properties (net rental yields are low at around 4%). We can send you details of local agents who specialize in these areas and they can show you when you next visit Dubai. Also, for own use, it may actually be better for you to rent initially and NOT to buy. Once you are certain about your exact requirements and location, and plan to use the property yourself most of the time - then buy.

Q-I will need an own use property sometime in the future - not just now. I may need it for work, retirement or for long holidays. What do you recommend?

You should get multiple lower cost investment properties now - Then in 3 to 5 years, resell these and get an own use property which fulfils your needs at that time (your needs WILL change), and is near to your place of work or where you want to be. Thus for the price of a single apartment in the Marina, you could purchase 3 lower cost investment apartments. This will allow your money to grow at a faster rate, will be lower risk, and provide you with more flexibility.

Q- How and When do I make payments?

Payments are made AFTER you have agreed to purchase and signed the contract. All payments are made into a client account in UK or Dubai. Payments can be made in any currency but normally in £, AED or USD. You make 10% plus 2% sales fee now. Then in 1-3 months you make 65% payment plus transfer fees. The remaining 25% comes from rent. We issue receipts and statements after each payment.

Q-How do I chose specific apartment?

All these category 'A' apartments have higher rental yields and each type is identical inside and may be on 1st, 2nd 3rd or 4th floor. Ground floor is shops. You are allocated a unit provisionally but can switch to any of our other unallocated units at time of viewing (providing you do this prior to deed transfer). Some tenant prefer lower floors whilst others prefer higher floors - average rents are the same on the Category 'A' apartments.

Q-What is advantage of paying the full amount upfront?

About 15% of our customers pay the full amount upfront and get 2% discount. However most use rental income to pay for part of the property as this allows them to buy a 1-bed room apartment for the same price as a Studio.

Q-Do you offer 2-bed apartments with similar deal?

NO- Two bed apartments are almost double the price of 1-beds. The rental yields % are less. Better value to purchase TWO one-bed apartments. Thus we do not offer 2-bed apartments for investment.

Q- Can I get better value than this for investment in Dubai?

No- We firmly believe that overall - in terms of price, rental yield, guarantees, risks, investment return and long term after-sales service - these deals are the best for property investment in Dubai. We regularly look at other areas to see if we can achieve the same benefits but at present like in other countries, multiple lower cost properties are the best forms of low risk investment.

Q- How Can I Pay The Lowest Price?

In the current market property prices are low and it is important to select the best property. There is no advantage in buying a property that is not possible to rent out or hard to re-sell. We can get a lower price or a better and larger apartment for the same price if we can let many sellers compete for the sale. Our process enables us to do this.

Q-What Are The Risks Of Buying?

We only deal with 'Ready' Properties. This takes away many of the risk associated with overseas of-plan property. For investment properties, additionally, we focus on ease of renting and even offer a rental guarantee with our Studio and 1-bed apartments. As property prices are already low, the risk of a further property collapse are minimal. However, there are risks with any property - nowhere is immune to risks as property prices could fall as well as rise. We believe they will rise over the medium to long term.

Q-Can I get a long term payment plan?

These are only available for off-plan properties (which are risky purchases). We do not advise customers to purchase off-plan or 'under construction' properties as the risks are too high. There is uncertainty that buildings will be completed on time, prices are high, there are issues with money security, and you do not get rental income. It is better to buy low cost 'ready' small investment apartment and add to that every year - than buying one larger off-plan property. We do not offer off-plan properties.

Q-Why do Buyers buy from Openshore?

Our group companies have offices both in the UK and Dubai. Buyers thus have double security:-

  • Buyers have the full process in Dubai for viewing the properties, help with transfer of title deeds at Dubai Lands department and management of the property after purchase - like any other Dubai property purchase.
  • In addition to this, for investment properties purchased from us, buyers have a legal agreement under UK law that covers the Payment Plan schedule, Guaranteed Rent, and secure client account services giving them additional security.

Q-I am seriously interested. I want to buy a Studio or 1-bed for investment. What should I do next?

Get the full details including draft contract and purchase procedure. Let us know which apartment (Studio or 1-bed) and provide scan of passport photo page and address/telephone. After this we can call you to answer any further questions prior to any visits etc. Prices are rising in Dubai now so act now.


If you are serious about exploring this further, it would be best for you to get the full details including draft agreements and property details and procedure. Then you can review everything and we can call you to discuss any questions you may have and only after this we can arrange any Dubai viewing or visit to UK office.

This is the information we need.

  • Which type of apartment? Studio or 1-Bed.
  • Which Payment Plan? Plan B (pay 25% from rent) or Full Payment in 30 days (Plan C)
  • Full name, telephone and address to go on draft agreement
  • Copy of passport photo page and document showing address ID e.g. Driving licence (Everything is kept confidential).


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